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Is It Safe to DIY a Battery Replacement?

If you were to ask people about their major frustration with smartphones that have come out in the past few years, most are going to mention the battery. Why? Because there are no phones coming out recently where you can take out the battery with ease.

In the past, phones would release with batteries that you could easily take out. You would remove the back cover of the phone and pop out the battery. In fact, you had to do that if you were hoping to insert the SIM card and SD card into your phone.

But that trend changed sometime in the past few years. Phone manufacturers wanted a package that was thinner and lighter. And one of the ways they did it is was by squeezing everything into as tiny a profile as they could manage. And it means they were not able to keep the back cover openable as it was in the past.

Phones with Closed Covers

Now you have phones where the back is completely closed off. If you want to take it apart, you will need to undo many screws. It is why battery replacements are a little bit more complicated.

Another fact is that batteries used in modern smartphones are a bit different to the ones used in the past. To bring down the weight, you will not have a thick cover on the lithium ion battery. Instead, it is a very thin strip that can be easily punctured if you are not careful. So it is not the type of battery that you can pop in and out with ease.

DIY Battery Repairs

In order to get your battery replaced, you will need to order a DIY kit. You can get most for less than $30, even for premium smartphones. You will get a new battery and the tools that you need to take apart your phone’s back cover and remove the existing battery.

There are some YouTube videos that you can follow online to help you with this process. You can watch those videos to get an idea of how you would remove the back cover of the phone and the battery.

Is the DIY Method Safe?

We would say that if you have deft hands and you know what you are doing, it is not a risky repair. You should keep a fire extinguisher next to you, in the small chance that your lithium ion battery is punctured.

When those batteries are punctured, they will start to release smoke. It is possible there will be flames, but a very tiny possibility. If you have a fire extinguisher, you are safe. The extinguisher will get rid of the flame and the battery will simply be dead.

Going to a Repair Shop Instead

If you are concerned about your ability to handle this repair, we believe that you should take your device to a local repair shop. You can even take the repair kit you bought online to replace the battery. Give it to the technician and they will just charge you for labor.

It is an extra $20 or $30 on top of what you paid for the kit. If shops, like, are not busy, they will do the repair for you right away. In other cases, you will be told to come back in a few hours. But you should get your phone back with a new battery fairly quickly!

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