About Us

It is so frustrating when you just want to use your smartphone, but it is giving you problems. The more advanced smartphones become, the more complicated their problems can get too. In the past, the major issue you would have with a phone was that it would not turn on. Now you can run into any number of software problems that can cripple the device if you are not sure how to repair it.

When we first started this repair service community site, we wanted to create a place where people could feel safe to ask questions. And we are so proud of how the site has developed in the past two years. It has taken us beyond our wildest dreams. We are now one of the top sources that people trust when they want to get the latest information about DIY tech and phone repairs.

Say you are having an issue with your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy device. You could take it to the retailer or an Apple store, but you do not want to pay the premium they would charge. And for some people, it is quite a journey to those stores. It is why our site is so helpful. You can search threads to see if anyone else experienced your issue. Or you can open up a new thread if it is an issue no one has talked about on the site.

The community is why our site is so successful. We do have a few “tech experts” who are part of the staff. They will go through threads and sometimes offer advice. But most of the suggestions come from all of you. It is amazing how a community of DIY phone enthusiasts can help each other!

If you are facing any issue with your smartphone, hardware or software, we hope that you will check out the forums to see what DIY steps you can take to resolve the problem.