Quick Guide to Keeping Your Phone Safe

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Seeing someone without a smartphone these days is a shocking thing. In the first world, almost every person you will encounter has a phone. Even if they do not have a high paying job, they will have a smartphone. They could be living in a tiny apartment with three other people, but they have a smartphone.

It is because the smartphone is now our main entry point to accessing the internet. More people use their phones to browse the web compared to computers. Many will even watch videos on their smartphones instead of digging for their laptop in their bag!

With the ubiquitous use of smartphones, it is also important to keep safety in mind. Both for the phone and for the data on the phone. Here are some phone safety tips for users:

  1. Phone Locking

Many smartphone users do not bother to lock their phone. We believe it is a mistake. You can never know when someone may get their hands on your phone. Maybe you step into the bathroom and leave your phone on the table at a coffee shop. Someone quickly picks it up and starts fiddling with it.

Depending on the phone you own, you could use facial unlock, fingerprint unlock, a passcode or a pattern to lock your phone. With all these lock systems, you will be the only person who can use the phone. The only functionality that will remain is emergency calling.

  1. Data Backups

It is incredible how much data we have on our phones. From contacts to emails to documents to personal images and videos – everything is on our phone. But what happens if you damage your phone? Most damage is only cosmetic, so you can retrieve your data. But what if there is water damage?

The best thing you can do is to backup your phone data. You can do this automatically with most major phones, especially if you have an iPhone. You will have a cloud backup of all your data, which you can automatically recover should you need to replace your current phone.

  1. Screen and Phone Protection

Speaking of replacing phones – we have two tips that will ensure your phone stays in good shape for years! The two tips are to get a phone case and screen protector.

With a case and screen protector, your phone is well equipped to handle everyday drops. Say you are getting up and you accidentally drop your phone on the ground. With a case and screen protector, it will barely show any signs of damage.

Even if you were to toss your phone on a concrete floor, you will just damage the case and screen protector. You can take those off and replace them. But your expensive phone will be 100 percent intact!