Smartphone Debates: Battery Life or Performance?

If you were to talk to ten different smartphone users about the feature they cared about the most, you would get ten different answers. It is because phones have become so versatile and useful. We are using our smartphones for so many different tasks and use cases. It is why everyone has a different preference.

Some care about pure performance. Others want a great screen for watching videos. Others want a stunning camera that can take professional looking shots. Then we have people who are most concerned about how long the phone will last when they are using it heavily.

Battery Life vs. Performance

It is why we come down to the debate between battery life and performance. If you look at the market for high end smartphones, you will see that performance is the one that takes preference.

Even though Apple has improved the battery life on their phones with the “Plus” models, it is still not incredible. And on the Android side, you are not getting any earth shattering battery life from the Galaxy phones, Google Pixels or even LG’s offerings.

If you are someone who cares about battery life, your best bet is to go for midrange Android phones. With those phones, you can easily get between seven to nine hours of screen on time with a single charge. That is compared to the three to five hours you will get with major flagship phones.

We do hope that flagship phones will start to prioritize battery life in the future. We are at a stage with processing power that phones can already do almost everything very quickly.

A phone will never be a computer. People use phones in a different way. No one will be processing video on a phone. They will just watch videos on their phone! It si wh flagship manufacturers may want to think about ditching their next planned processor updates and focusing on doubling the battery life on their smartphones.